Mention of study conducted by CRECE in Colombian national newspaper

This week, a study conducted by CRECE got mentioned by the Colombian national newspaper ´El Tiempo´. An english summary of the article can be found below, for the original Spanish article, please follow this link.

While the heated discussions about the peace agreement continue and the media do not stop chilling stories about persecutions and justices by their own hand, the National Batuta Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary. They use music to rescue rescuing hundreds of thousands of children who have suffered in their own flesh the horrors of the Colombian armed conflict.

According to a research carried out by the Regional Center for Coffee and Business Studies (Crece) in 2008, children who have participated in the flagship program of Batuta, ‘Let yourself play for music’, today called ‘Music for Reconciliation’, have recognized that their participation in the project has taught them values for coexistence, has produced a happiness that has repaired their daily lives and has led them to expand their networks of support and their social networks. According to official figures of the foundation, an initiative of the government converted into a non-governmental entity, 350,000 students are already in the 32 departments of Colombia, which have benefited from the program.

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