He is currently the director in charge of the Center for Studies in Social Protection and Health Economics (PROESA) of the ICESI University and the Valle del Lili Foundation. Sergio holds a Ph.D. In Public Policy (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), he is an economist at the Universidad Javeriana with a master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources (Universidad de los Andes) and Public Administration (Syracuse University).

Dr. Prada has worked in Colombia as a researcher at Fedesarrollo, at CEGA, as a consultant for the (more…)

She was the founder and executive director of  CRECE between 1989 and 1994. She is currently an adviser for the fiscal and planning modernization of Cundinamarca’s government and is linked to the Ibero-American Center for Urban Strategic Development (CIDEU). Also has she been an author of numerous articles on urban and regional studies.

She has been the Mayor in charge, Secretary of Finance, Secretary of Planning and a Counselor for issues of Region and Competitiveness of the Mayor of Bogotá, and Secretary of Planning of Manizales. (more…)

He was the executive director of CRECE between 2007 and 2010 where he participated in economic studies for decision making related to the production, marketing and export of Colombian coffee. He has ample experience in applied research to problems related to rural development. He is currently a consultant and director of Economic Research at the National Federation of Coffee Growers and professor at the University of the Andes.

He has served as deputy director of the National Planning Department (DNP), Director of Economic Research of the Banco Republic, (more…)

He was the executive director of CRECE between 2000 and 2005 and is currently the director of the National Administrative Department of Statistics of Colombia (DANE). He is an economist whose career has been between socioeconomic research and the public sector.
The areas of work in which he has excelled are the Sector Deputy Director of the National Planning Department (DNP), Vice minister of basic and secondary pre-school education, the Ministry of National Education, executive director of the Manuel Mejía Foundation, the National Federation of Coffee Growers, government advisor on coffee affairs at the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, presidential advisor for The Presidency of the Republic.

He was the executive director of the CRECE between 1995 and 2000 where he led regional impact studies, such as the restructuring and development of coffee regions for the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and the Competitiveness Program of the Department of Caldas. His work as a researcher has covered issues related to regional development, decentralization and public policies. He is currently co-director of the Banco de la República from 2009 until now.

Previously he served as a rector of the Autonomous University of Manizales, (more…)