Our Strategic Research Areas

The Region

Capacity building is essential to strengthen human capital and we believe that you can only do so through the inclusion of all actors. Read More »

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Coffee Economy

CRECE is the only private academic institution in Colombia specialized in the generation of knowledge on the coffee economy. Read More »

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Social and Institutional

The analysis of policies and programs is key to strengthening institutional capacities in order to promote social development. Read More »

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CRECE has extensive experience in the development of formal as well as work and human development education studies. Read More »

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Let us tell you a bit about us...

  • This week, a study conducted by CRECE got mentioned by the Colombian national newspaper ´El Tiempo´. An english summary of the article can be found below, for the original Spanish article,
  • The Centro de Estudios Regionales Cafeteros y Empresariales (CRECE) has renewed its website, which includes all the information related to the research and projects in which CRECE has participated. I
  • By: Carolina Villada Narváez (CRECE Consultant) CRECE initiates the mid-term evaluation of the "Education for Competitiveness", where the greatest challenge of the program turned out